105 New Teachers Having “Certificate” Started Their Teaching Journey

    On January 3rd, the closing ceremony of the training of new teachers’ teaching ability for the fall semester of 2019, was held at the Teacher’s Salon of the Qihang Activity Center. 105 teachers from 19 units including; the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, received the Certificate of Qualification for Teaching Competence of New Teachers. Vice-President Linzhi WU attended the ceremony and presented certificates to the teachers.


    Linzhi WU said that the it is essential to rely on teachers for the overall revitalization of undergraduate education. These Young teachers are an important part of the school teaching staff and acts as the backbone of school sustainable development. The training and creation of an excellent young teacher is the core competitiveness of the school’s “double-class” construction. Hence, also the hope of the future development of the school. Young teachers should strictly indulge themselves in the practice of education and teaching, paying attention to cultivating students’ critical thinking. Thus, stimulating each other to promote and study together with students, by actively conducting the teaching research. Simultaneously, enhancing their academic ability to teach, and form advanced teaching ideas. He anticipated that the majority of young teachers would be in accordance with the General Secretary of Jinping XIs “four have” good teacher’s qualifications. The new teachers should consciously strengthen the moral cultivation , improve professional quality ability, teach with patience, penetrate the heart to educate people. Thus, becoming a guide to the healthy growth of students. It is expected that new teachers would constantly pursue excellence, combine personal ambition with the development of the school closely and contribute wisdom and talent to the school’s talent training work.


    The concerned person in charge of the Undergraduate School read out the list of the certified teachers. The micro-course judge Professor Chunxuan ZHAO talked about the experience of participating in the micro-curriculum demonstration session and the new teacher Jichuan KANG from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, spoke as the teacher’s representative. While, the library related personnel gave a report about, “Good Tools Are Essential to help the young teachers better understand and use the library resources.


    The training work included: a series of famous lectures, teaching observation, tutor guidance, micro-course display, expert review and other links. The teachers who participated in the training completed the teaching display, expert feedback, teaching reflection, ability improvement exercises. This training work has laid a solid foundation for the new teachers to do a good job during teaching .

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