The 12th International College Students Snow Sculpture Competition was Organized Beautifully at HEU

    On January 4th, the 12th International College Student Snow Sculpture Competition, of the theme, “The Covenant of Ice and Snow” and “Dream of Youth,” was held at HEU. Since, its launch in October, more than 200 entries from 105 universities in China, Australia, France, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Britain and Portugal have entered the competition, having the final 55 teams finalists.


    During the three-day competition, the teams created snow sculptures on artificial snow blocks 3 meters long, wide and high. The participants of different countries got their own unique ideas. Some snow sculptures reflect the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, others tell national stories, some express the beauty of the motherland and others show the pursuit and exploration of the Chinese dream.

    During the competition, the iconic snow landscape “cohesion” is particularly eye-catching, which is specially designed and produced for the competition by the snow and ice art studio of HEU. The main body of the work is spherical and composed of many small ice balls and surrounded by flexible ribbon. The ice and snow art studio of our school has a unique idea. The petals are frozen in the ice and the ice body is pure and transparent, which is pure ice without bubbles . The visitors can clearly see the petals inside the ice ball. At nightfall, the light shines through giving the white snow sculpture a red and yellow “hue”, presenting an eye-catching and brilliant spectacle.


    The competition has been organized by the Sub-Committee of Industrial Design Professional Teaching of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, hosted by Harbin Engineering University, and specially supported by the Press and Propaganda Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. Th

    e competition aims to further expand the influence of ice and snow culture, improving Harbin’s ice and snow culture as well as, the artistic level of snow sculpture creation of college students. Hence, the snow sculpture art activities have become our school’s winter characteristics cultural activities. The competition evaluation comprises of five aspects including: the topic selection, idea creation and innovation, creation difficulty, skills and techniques and artistic expression. In the end, two first prizes, nine second prizes, 14 third prizes, and 20 excellent prizes were awarded. Moreover, there were several awards for artistic brilliance, best creative award, best technique award and the and the audience’s favorite snow sculpture award.


    The International College Students Snow Sculpture Competition is being held at HEU for 12 years. Over the past 12 years, 186 universities from all over the world have participated in the competition, creating more than 680 pieces of snow sculpture art, more than 5,800 Chinese and foreign college students have imparted wisdom, sweat, created ice and snow works to spread ice and snow culture. After 12 years of experience, the event has developed into a certain international attraction for the college students’ winter brand activities.

    Furthermore, a welcoming evening, dumpling banquet, sorority and other activities have also been held by the Chinese and foreign teams during the competition.

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